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Kids Town Learning Center's philosophy is based on a child-centered environment. Children actively learn and are inspired by teachers and a literature rich curriculum. We feel children develop as individuals through personal experiences. By demonstrating a caring and nurturing atmosphere, we give children the tools they need to develop as individuals while they learn respect for themselves and others. We provide an academic setting for your child to excel.

Kids Town Learning Center is the best choice for your child’s care and learning. We will do all in our power to make your child’s experience with Kids Town fun, rewarding, and safe. We think you’ll find Kids Town is much more than a child-care facility and learning center. We’re a family of professionals, educators, and caregivers that strive every day to welcome you and your child with a smile and open arms. You will see our staff will wish you well at the end of the day and your children will have new learning and experiences to talk about at the dinner table. We welcome your feedback and participation in the learning process and we encourage you to ask questions and stay involved. Please don’t hesitate to call or stop by to talk with administrators or teachers if you have any questions about our facility, learning process, or any other aspect of your child’s care and education.

We look forward to you joining Kids Town Learning Center and to joining the family.

​Our History

Kids Town Learning Center is a Virginia Beach LLC established in January 2008. The purpose of Kids Town Learning Center is to provide a superior quality pre-school and early childhood development program serving children from infants through kindergarten and before and after school age children. Kids Town Learning Center looks forward to being recognized for its outstanding quality of childcare and exceptional service to the community.


“Ms. Patty and the whole team are outstanding. Our daughter was there from the first day the doors opened until her last day of kindergarten! Our son is currently enrolled and loves it! Our daughter was well prepared for first grade and our son is well on his way!”

— Jamie, KTLC parent

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