We believe in the importance of security for all the children and our associates. Our Learning Center is safely away from the busy roads. Kid’s Town Learning Center has procedures in place for proper drop-off and pick-up for all the children in our care. We keep updated records on file of names, addresses, and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up children in the event of an emergency. Children will not be released to anyone without proper authorization. Children will only be released to the adult that enrolled the child or authorized in writing by the parent or guardian.Our Learning Center has a lovely foyer area for the safety of the children. We ask that all visitors sign in and state the purpose of their visit. Unfamiliar visitors will need to provide a current form of picture identification before entering the Learning Center. Visitors are never left alone in our Learning Center. Parents are required to keep their child close and within direct sight while entering and exiting the Learning Center. Before the parents leave their child, they must notify the lead teacher of the child’s arrival time each day.


For the benefit of the children, we ask that a regular pattern of attendance is maintained. A daily attendance log is kept on file for each child that includes arrival and departure times. If children are going to be absent due to vacation or illness, parents are asked to inform their child’s teacher. Parents are responsible for signing their child in and out daily by using the keypad. All children must be picked up by an authorized person by the scheduled closing time; we will attempt to contact the child’s parents and any Management, Teachers, Parents, and all Staff Members emergency contacts. If all contacting attempts are unsuccessful, then within an hour’s time we are required to contact the local authorities and release the child to their custody.


Kid’s Town Learning Center has an open door parent policy. We welcome parents to come and visit their child during the day. Parents are urged to volunteer in their child’s classroom as often as possible. We always encourage parents to ask questions and make suggestions. Teachers and parents working together will create a great benefit for all the children in the classroom. We welcome parents to participate in field trips, special activities, helping with meal times, reading stories to the class, and speaking to the class about special interest and hobbies. Parents are even welcome to donate materials as well as their time.


Kid’s Town Learning Center asks the parents to refrain from using their cell phones in the building. Drop off and pick up is an excellent time for communication between the teachers and parents thus it is important to have your full attention focused on this.


Kid’s Town Learning Center is a smoke free facility. Smoking of any kind is not permitted. That includes all Learning Center grounds indoor as well as outside on the Learning Centers property.


Weapons of any kind are not permitted on Learning Center grounds or in vehicles. As a safety precaution, children are not to bring any toys which resembles a weapon of any kind to the Learning Center.


Kid’s Town Learning Center will frequently request updated emergency contact information. Only the individuals listed on the child’s emergency contact sheet will be allowed to pickup the child. If an accident or minor injury occurs (cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc.) within our Learning Center, the child would be cared for by our Learning Center’s Nurse. The Learning Center nurse will make a report on the circumstance of the injury, as well as notify the child’s parent. If a child sustains a serious injury that requires medical attention, the Learning Center will notify the child’s parent as well as the appropriate emergency personnel immediately. If the child is transported to the emergency room the hospital may be reluctant to treat the child without the child’s parent present. Therefore, a signed authorization to act in the parent’s absence is required and is included in the enrollment application.


Discipline is much more than punishment, rules and restrictions. Appropriate discipline helps children learn how to interact with their world and develop self control. All of the employees in our Learning Center will understand and utilize the discipline policies. We believe that you must redirect children before a problem occurs. The Learning Center employees are clear in the expectation of the children and the request is never unreasonable. Teacher’s model and reward positive behavior as well as setting limits which reflect positive expectations for the age of the child. The teachers create a positive and safe environment in which social, intellectual and physical understanding can be developed. The Learning Center environment is designed where there is a minimal opportunity for unacceptable behavior. When all positive measures are not successful, the child may be removed from the group, and directed to sit in an area within open view of the teacher. Children as well as adults need time to deal with anger, stress, and upsetting situations. The teacher will always attempt to help the child through any discipline problems as well as give extra attention when needed. If a child is experiencing some difficulty, the child’s parent will be notified. The teacher will make every effort to work with the parent on correcting behavior issues. If uncontrollable behavior becomes a disruption in the daily routine, or presents an unsafe atmosphere for the children or staff, a parent will be notified to pick-up the child. If the problem continues, a suspension period may be necessary. If the child is not adjusting or benefiting from the Learning Centers program, we reserve the right of disenrollment of the child from the Learning Center at the discretion of the director.


It’s not uncommon for young children to bite one another. This behavior problem can become very frustrating for the child’s parent. The Learning Center provides the children with positive age appropriate activities that helps prevent this type of behavior from occurring. If a child bites out of frustration, the child will be redirected to a new positive activity and shown an alternative way to handle their frustration. The teacher will encourage the children to use language in expressing their wants and needs. After redirecting the child and if biting still occurs, the teacher will then take a more intensive approach that involves observing, and recording the child’s behavior. Parents will be notified by the school nurse that a child has been bitten. She will also notify the parents of the biter’s behavior. In addition a written record will be given to both the parents. The parents will be required to sign and leave at school a copy of the incident report each time. The biting incident will be communicated among the child’s parent and teacher to ensure all parties are working together to understand the importance of preventing this type of behavior from occurring. A parent-teacher conference may also utilized to discuss the child’s actions and a plan of action put into place. If all attempts have failed to prevent the child from biting other children, the Learning Center reserves the right to remove the biting child from the program.


Teacher and child directed activities, exercise and fresh air are very important elements in a child’s daily activities. Children will be allowed to play outside on a daily basis weather permitting. Children will need to be dressed in appropriate outdoor apparel. Accommodations cannot be made to keep children indoors during their designated outdoor play times


Children 16 months and older will be given two snacks a day. One snack will be served in the morning around 9:00 and an afternoon snack will be served around 3:00. These snacks will include two items; one can be 100% juice. Lunch will be served around 11:30. The lunch menu will be posted in the front entrance. Lunches will include two fruit and or vegetable, a protein, milk, and a starch.


A nap or rest time will be provided on a daily basis. All children are encouraged to either rest or nap at the designated time. Blankets may be brought from the child’s home, however the parents are responsible for the laundering of any cloth item brought from the child’s home. A cot and crib sheet will be provided by the Learning Center as well as the sheet laundering on regular basis.


The Learning Center Nurse will administer medication to the children, according to the Standards of Social Service Licensing procedures. The Learning Center Nurse will only administer medication to children upon the receipt of satisfactory written instructions from the parents or a doctor depending on the nature of the medication. When a parent brings in medication, it is to be given directly to the Learning Center Nurse with all medication authorization forms filled out completely. Parents are responsible for picking up the medication daily. Medication will not be shared between siblings or friends. If the form expires or a new medication needs to be dispensed, a current written instruction form will need to be completed by the parent and nurse. A current doctor’s prescription will be necessary for all prescription medication. No children under the age of two will be given Tylenol unless we have a written note from the physician. Over the counter medications will be administered with the parent’s written permission, according to the directions on the medication label, or in accordance with a physician’s instructions. All over the counter and prescription medication must be in the original container, in order for the Learning Center to be able to administer to the child. Prescription medication must indicate the type of medication, child’s name, date, dosage, and time to be given.


The Learning Center realizes that illness impacts how children learn, develop, and lowers participation in the daily activities. It is often hard at the beginning stages of illness, to determine when a child is ill and should stay home to rest. Teachers will conduct a daily health check on each child to ensure the safety of all the children and employees. Children that show symptoms such as, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, pain, skin sores, rash, lice or scabies, conjunctivitis, pinkeye, or colds that contain constant green or yellow nasal discharge (indicates infection) will be sent home. It is important that children with ill like symptoms stay home for 24 hours without any symptoms before returning to the Learning Center, to limit the spread of illness. If a child has a communicable disease or serious illness, the parent must have a doctor’s written statement that the child is able to participate in the normal daily routine before they can return to the Learning Center. Parents must notify the Learning Center of any doctor’s diagnosis as soon as possible, so that other families can be notified if their child has been exposed. The Learning Center will notify the Health Department and follow any precautions that are deemed necessary for the safety of the children and employees. The Learning Center Director may deny admission to the child, until the child is deemed healthy. Before and after school children; if the child is unable to attend public school for illness or rash then the child is unable to attend the Learning Center until symptoms have abated for 24 hours.


All children and employees that are transported in the Learning Center vehicle will abide by all safety procedures. The children will be picked up and dropped off in designated areas only. The children waiting for the Learning Center vehicle must remain in the designated area until the vehicle arrives at the location. All children riding in the Learning Center vehicle will be seated in a seat and restrained by a seat belt or other seat restraint system as required by the law based on the child’s age and weight. All children are required to act in an orderly manner at all times while riding in the Learning Center vehicle. If a child is continually disruptive in the Learning Center vehicle, the child’s parent will be notified and may result in termination of transportation and/or childcare services. Parents must notify the Learning Center two hours in advance of any child not needing transportation on a regularly scheduled day.


Parents will be provided with information concerning all field trips. Parents are encouraged to use this information to enrich their child’s experience. Written permission to participate in the field trips and ride on the Learning Center vehicle is required before the child will be able to attend any Learning Center field trip event. Parents are invited to attend all field trips with their child. Occasionally, a nominal fee may be charged for a field trip. All parents will be notified of these events in advance. All children must participate in regularly scheduled field trip events. If the child is unable to attend the scheduled field trip, the parent will need to make alternative arrangements for the child during this time.


We encourage parents to celebrate the children’s birthdays and special events with the children. The Learning Center would like to suggest that parents bring in healthy snacks instead of sweets or sugary snacks. If a parent would like to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion with their child, the parent will need to notify the 4 child’s teacher in advance of the times and event to ensure proper daily planning. Unfortunately, the Learning Center is prohibited from allowing balloons of any kind, or homemade foods for children celebrations.


The Learning Center has a uniform policy. All children will be given 3 required uniform shirts to wear daily at the enrollment time. Additional uniform shirts may be purchased from the Learning Center. This policy is to ensure that the children will be able to participate in all the daily activities. All the children will spend time indoors and outdoors daily. Parents must dress the children in washable play clothing and closedtoed shoes at all times. The children’s apparel must have a label with the child’s full name. Every child is required to have a full change of clothing in their assigned cubby. The Learning Center will not be responsible for lost or damaged clothing or any personal items. Items found will be placed in the lost and found area. Children’s jewelry may be removed by a teacher for the safety of the child as well as the other children in the group.


Children’s parents are required to send a change of outer and under clothes including socks, diapers, formula, labeled bottles with caps, and a blanket for nap time. All items must be labeled with the child’s full name and date. Bringing toys from home is prohibited. The Learning Center will not be responsible for any items brought from home.


The Learning Center will be closed to observe the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday thru Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve thru New Years Day. In addition, the Learning Center will close early the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Parents will be notified well in advance of these early closing times. The Learning Center will be closed the Friday before Labor Day for a teacher work day. The Learning Center may close an additional day in May if we feel the need. If we do decided to close an additional day we will give families plenty of notice. The Learning Center tuition is computed on a monthly basis. A full month’s tuition will be charged during a holiday.


Parents will be notified immediately if it becomes necessary for Kids Town to close while the children are in attendance. If necessary the children will be relocated and parents will be notified where they can pick up their child. During times of inclement weather Kids Town will make every attempt to notify the parents of our plan. If it is possible we will leave a message on our answering machine and or post on our website information concerning closings or late arrivals.


If parents have a complaint about the Learning Center program, the parent is asked to call or visit the director’s office. If the director is not in, leave a message with the assistant director, and the director will contact you as soon as possible. The director will work with the parent to resolve an issue by developing a plan of action that is appropriate for both the parent and Learning Center. If the parent is not satisfied with the plan of action or feels that the issue is not resolved in a timely manner, in rare instances, an issue may arise that cannot be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the Learning Center and the parents. Under such circumstances, it may be necessary to disenroll the child from the program. If parents have positive comments about the Learning Center program or have suggestion they would like to share, the parent 5 may contact the director. The Learning Center appreciates all parent feedback.


The Learning Center’s main concern is to protect the children in our care. The Learning Center is required by the law to report any case where there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused, neglected, or exploited sexually, physically, and/or emotionally. The Learning Center will cooperate with the authorities in the investigation of any reported case. All teachers will receive annual training in preventing abuse and neglect.


The Learning Center hours are (6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.), Monday through Friday.


A two week written notice is required if the parent chooses to withdrawal their child from the Learning Center program for any reason. The notice is not effective until given to the Learning Center Director. If withdraw notice is not received, a fee equal to two week’s tuition will be charged to the parents account. Any unpaid balance due upon withdrawal will accrue a 1.5% interest per month until the account is paid in full. If a parent’s account is turned over to a collection agency, the parent agrees to pay all attorneys fees and court costs as may be permitted by law. The parent agrees to pay attorney’s fees in addition to a minimum of 1.5% principle and interest fees.


Payments are due on the 1st day of every week, if payment is not received before 6:00 p.m. A late fee will be charged to the parent’s account. Child Care service will be terminated if payments, including all late fees are not paid in full by the 5th day of the month. Child Care service can be re-instated after all payments and fees have been paid in full. Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, debit card, and credit card. After two returned checks, parents will be put on a cash only basis and will be charged a return check fee. Checks should be made payable to Kids Town Learning Center or KTLC. All tuition and fees are the responsibility of the primary parent on the account.


Annual Enrollment Fee – $100.00 due in Aug. and/or time of Registration (non-refundable)
Summer Program Registration – $75.00 due in May (non-refundable)
Child Waiting List  -$50.00 (non-refundable and applicable to the registration fee)
Late Payment Fee  -$50.00
Return Check Fee    -$50.00

Late Pick-up Fee (not picked up by 6:00 p.m.)  -$1.00 per minute / per-child
Any child left at KTLC over 10 hours per day      -$10.00 per day


Due every January Infants thru Toddler (2 yr) $50.00 Pre-school thru Kindergarten $100.00 Occasionally, a nominal fee may be charged for a field trip.


The Learning Center appreciates the support, time, positive recommendations to friends and the community from all the parents. The Learning Center welcomes all new referrals and would like to thank the parents for all the new and past referrals.