Preschool is a place where the setting is geared towards mimicking a regular school setting but exposes the young child for the first time to a school. Preschool takes away some of the stress of strictly learning academics and focuses on developing the child’s skills in cognitive, motor, social, emotional, and language developments. Preschool encourages children to personally and individually meet their milestones of development.


Toddler development includes a leap forward in motor development, increases in mental reasoning skills and the budding beginnings of social and emotional growth.

Toddlers have a bundle of energy! At Kids Town, we welcome that energy and excitement because we know that it is a natural part of growth and learning. The teachers at Kids Town channel the energy and plan activities such as dramatic play, retelling of the stories, arts and crafts, songs, block play, and outside time.


At two years, children are opening their eyes to the larger world around them and taking an active role in it. They learn as they take things apart, put them together and ask lots and lots of questions!

Two-year olds at Kids Town develop a strong socio-emotional foundation for learning. The academic focus is on letter recognition and phonetical awareness with activities like reading, singing and storytelling. They develop many social skills, like sharing and taking turns. Kids Town also emphasizes potty training in our two year old classroom.


As they enter their third year, students become more and more curious. Our educational child care curriculum encourages students’ natural curiosity and willingness to try new things, so they can discover the ways that they learn best. In addition to basic skills, they learn about self-direction, self-reliance and self-esteem.

Three-year olds at Kids Town are using a core curriculum that focuses on the study of the alphabet and phonics, numbers, and social skills. Student’s progress will be sent home and parent-teacher conferences will take place at scheduled intervals.


Pre-K4 year olds at Kids Town enter a highly academic foundation program preparing students for Kids Town Kindergarten. The students will learn beginning reading skills along with phonics, math computations, science, social studies, and music. The students will develop both academically and socially throughout the school year.

PALS testing along with other assessments are done throughout the school year looking for key developmental indicators.

The Pre-K4 class will finish the school year well prepared for Kids Town’s highly academic, full day Kindergarten program.

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