Infancy is referred to as a time of radical adjustments. At the Kids Town Learning Center we know that every moment of infancy is precious. That’s why we play, cuddle, pamper and do everything possible to bond and develop a sense of trust with your baby in our infant care center.

The Kids Town Learning Center uses 1-2-3 READ! Curriculum, developed by Child Development Resources. This is a literature rich program. At our infant care center, the infants are introduced to language and cognitive development using stories, songs, flannel boards, finger play, and floor time.

Our specially designed infant daycare rooms are places where babies feel happy, safe, and secure. The rooms are divided into general interest areas so that your baby can move, explore, express, and relax. There are personal cribs and separate areas for changing and feeding. The infants are monitored by our experienced teachers who provide clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces. To maintain cleanliness, we provide shoe covers, right outside the classroom, and ask that parents put them on before entering.

At our infant center, we work with you by giving you daily reports and offering tips on how to reinforce what your child learns in his or her time with us.

Daycare RoomInfant Care Room